About Robert

Robert graduated in Geology from Melbourne University in 1961 and spent many years first as a field geologist and later as a wide-roving consultant traveling to many parts of the world. He still runs a consultancy Minnelex) and has drawn on his experiences to write two light-hearted books with a strong geological theme. His interest in science also led to writing techno thrillers; currently two are published. Robert lives in Brisbane with his partner Rosemarie, some cats, a dog, numerous scrub turkeys and two peacocks. Apart from writing his main hobby is singing and he has sung bass solo roles in many places during his travels as a geologist and combined with Peter Krenske on piano to record two CDs of classical songs. He has also produced a CD of Australian ballads. Further information on writing can be found at www.amazon.com/author/robertpyper. Geological and other information is on his web page.