Australian Ballads

With a few exceptions, such as The Road to Gundagai, the ballads of Australia were derived from the British Isles, but the verses are unique and encapsulate the now almost mystical spirit of the outback, perhaps best illustrated in the song "Travelling Down the Castlereagh". A great sense of humour is in evidence in many of these songs, which was probably deliberate, to ease the hardships of the time, and this trait became part of the Australian character. As the words were frequently altered to suit the conditions and the hazy memory of the singer I have made a few changes myself. The Waltzing Matilda update brings this famous song into the 21 century.

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Botany Bay. Trad 1.48
Ten Thousand Miles Away. Trad/RP 1.57
The Black Velvet Band. Trad 2.39
Moreton Bay. Trad 2.14
The Ryebuck Shearer. Trad/RP 1.15
The Old Bullock Dray. Trad 2.24
The Limejuice Tub. Trad 1.48
The Springtime It Brings On The Shearing. Trad 1.04
The Station Cook. Trad/RP 1.29
Click Go The Shears. Trad 2.52
The Ram Of Dalby. Trad 1.23
Waltzing Matilda (updated) Trad/RP 2.12
The Dying Stockman. Trad 1.36
The Overlanders. Trad 2.00
Travelling Down The Castlereagh. Trad 2.05
The Old Black Billy. Trad 2.27
The Old Bark Hut. Trad 1.57
The Meekatharra Gold Miner. Trad/RP 2.47
With My Swag All On My Shoulder. Trad 2.45
The Wild Rover. Trad 1.45
Bold Tommy Payne. Trad 1.45
The Wild Colonial Boy. Trad 3.12
Bold Jack Donahoe. Trad 3.15

Total Playing Time 51 minutes