Witness To Extinction

A techno-thriller on climate chaos, gravity waves and global extinction.

The first undisputed gravity wave ever recorded is so strong that it sets in train a series of events that threaten all life forms.

Climate specialist, Eric Jensen assisted by the beautiful investigative reporter, Zona Royale, grapple to make sense of the resultant earthquakes, tsunamis and disastrous volcanic activity that results from the wave’s passage and which intensify as the two further waves are encountered.

As the climate becomes chaotic and industry and commerce falter, a religious sect with a sinister cult at its core, grows in power as it feeds on the fear generated by the expected apocalypse and the disorienting effect the gravity waves have on life itself especially the elderly, who cannot adapt to changed reality as time itself is briefly altered.

Zona Royale’s daughter is kidnapped as Zona exposes the cult and Eric’s own life is soon in danger as he attempts to rescue them. As the third wave strikes, the earth is poised on the tipping point of what is predicted to be the greatest extinction of life ever to occur.

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Spawn of Helios

Deep in the Los Alamos research facility run by the Department of Science, the Helios Project is about to bring commercial fusion to reality using a new and controversial technique.

Suspecting sabotage to the theoretical work, project director Jeremy Newstead calls on the skills of the beautiful Lorelle Charmaine, a 23 year old mathematical genius but she is kidnapped and before managing to escape, subjected to mind alteration therapy which leaves her permanently traumatised.

Lorelle discovers that Helios will generate far more antimatter than predicted; enough to vaporise much of New Mexico when Helios starts up but she is too late to prevent it. The result is not what she feared however but instead leads to the creation of the ‘Parasphere’, a radiation bubble that possesses properties that have no parallel with anything in modern physics.

The parasphere is both benign and deadly and by the time its properties are understood it has set in train events that bring Lorelle to the brink of insanity and humanity to total subjugation.

As the world sinks into chaos Lorelle grapples for control of both her mind and her body. She is given just one chance to survive but by then it is almost too late.

The final scene combines the skill of the scientists she worked with, her own powerful will to survive and the unique knowledge she has gained from the Parasphere in an action filled resolution.

spawn of helios

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